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Large or small, AZZ is ready for your project!

Serving the entire region

AZZ Galvanizing - South Carolina offers close proximity to Charlotte, Greenville, Spartanburg, Asheville, Columbia, Greensboro, and Atlanta. Conveniently located at exit 103 along I-85 in Blacksburg, we’re accessible to the entire region.

Equipped to handle your largest projects

AZZ serves customers with one of the largest galvanizing kettles along the East Coast. With overhead lifting capacity of 25 tons, we can easily move and dip the largest structures.  

Plant address and Technical Info:

576 Tribal Road
Blacksburg, SC 29702
Office Phone: 864.492.8406

Kettle Size: 55'L x 9'W x 11'D

Lifting Capacity: 25 Tons